Sharon Dore

I have recently become a parent governor for Redhill Primary school. I am excited and proud to be part of this school. My twin boys attend Redhill Nursery which they thoroughly enjoy and I look forward to many years of this educational journey with my children. During this short time I have seen true dedication and hard work of the staff to ensure their all-round development. I work as a medical doctor which I thoroughly enjoy and remember my school days fondly. I am grateful to all those who were involved in my education. I am passionate that every child be given the opportunities and support they need to maximise their own potential. I believe this school provides a caring and trusting atmosphere to develop self-confidence and independence and to promote a spirit of tolerance towards others. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to be involved and support the many staff in helping the children to achieve and maintain the highest standards. I wish for an open and responsive demeanour to facilitate any improvements and quality ideas to be heard.