Our whole school curriculum is embedded in the philosophy of a creative curriculum. Each term the whole school shares a collective focus, around a subject or a specific theme/concept. In some blocks this might involve a “wow” opening event as a starting point to engage the children, such as The big dig and Around the world. Each block should have an overall outcome – a shared vision that the children are working towards throughout the term Science Fayre for parents, Kyrgyzstan felts This may then be shared with other children in the school or with parents.

Our aim is for all sessions to be interesting and exciting to ensure all learners are motivated and enthused; this is further developed by making appropriate links between different curriculum subjects and giving the children opportunities to apply their learning in a variety of relevant, meaningful contexts. Wherever possible we encourage the children to take ownership of their learning, making choices in the way they present their work, who they should work with, or making decisions about the areas of learning to investigate next. It is our hope that this approach provides them with the skills they require whilst instilling a life long love of learning into their naturally inquiring minds.


Each term we will share which curriculum areas are being covered and in which context.