Homework Procedures

New Homework Arrangements
There have been some minor changes to the homework arrangements for this academic year. Of most note is the change to the reading materials which will be sent home.  In previous years your child has brought home an independent reading book levelled appropriately at their ability.  This year children in all year groups except Year5/6 will bring home a levelled guided reading book as well as an independent reading book.  The guided reading book is selected for a group of children to teach a particular reading objective.  Your child will read their guided reading books in class as well as at home.  It is imperative that your child brings the book to school every day.  The purpose/objective of the text will be recorded in their reading diary to enable parents to have a clear understanding of how to support their child with reading at home.
An overview of the type and quantity of homework which will be set for each year group can be found in their homework books. The school has carefully considered the appropriate balance of homework for the different age groups and to ensure that the setting and marking of homework does not hinder the planning and organisation of quality learning experiences for the children.
  • The homework book will include the following; 
  • Dates for homework to be distributed and returned, weekly homework distributed on a Tuesday and returned on a Monday.
  • Appropriate timings for each piece of work set
  • How teachers will acknowledge and mark pupils work
  • Useful tips and advice for parents to support their pupils learning at home
Marking and feedback
Feedback on completed homework will be prompt and clear.  Sometimes teachers will write brief comments on pieces of work, sometimes work will initialised/stamped and sometimes feedback will be given verbally.  A record will be made of children who have successfully completed homework on a regular basis. The staff and governors are committed to the importance of sharing the learning that takes place at school with parents. As a result of this commitment, we will follow up children who do not complete homework or forget their reading books or homework books. If this becomes a regular occurrence then his/her parents will be contacted and the problem discussed.  It is important that we recognise those children who consistently complete the homework that they are set, in order to show that we value their work and effort.  The schools current systems of rewards; stamps, stickers and house points will be used recognise pupils efforts.
The school is also currently exploring how the website can be utilised effectively to support further learning at home.  The school is also currently exploring how the website can be utilised effectively to support further learning at home.  Ultimately, we would like the children to be able to access their homework on line, reducing the amount of paper we use. Year 5/6 will be trialling this and further information will be sent to the year 5/6 children. 
NB: Please note in addition to the individual reading book sent home your child will read with their teacher in a guided reading session.  The text used in this session will be different to the text sent home.  At the end of the guided reading session the teacher will look at your child reading record completed by the parent. Children who have read daily will receive a house point.  The teacher will initial and record this reward.
Holiday homework is optional at the discretion of individual families.
For those who wish to maintain a regular routine we recommend trips to library for reading, the keeping of a holiday diary or scrap book and working on current maths targets or tables. 

Click here to view and download the new homework grid.