Reading Resources

The school library is a lovely place for children to visit and enjoy books. Key stage 1 children can visit and read the books in their designated library slot. Key stage 2 children will be able to borrow books this term. We would also encourage you to join your local library. They are lovely places to visit and children enjoy having their own library card. In the Summer holidays some libraries run reading schemes that are well worth taking part in. 
Online Resources 
There are many useful reading lists available online, here are a few of our choices: 
Teach your Monster to Read 
Teach your Monster to Read: First Steps is a new, free game to practise the first steps of reading. 
Combining top quality games design with essential learning, the game is built on the principles of synthetic phonics and follows the teaching sequence of the Letters and Sounds programme. 
Oxford Owl 
This website allows you to choose a booklist according to the type of reader your child is. There is also lots of advice for parents supporting readers with developing this skill. 
Words for Life
This site has book lists and a range of reading related activities under each age group.
Book Trust
This site has themed booklists according to your child’s interests. It also has a new ‘monthly pick' 

Project Gutenberg

This site has hundreds of free ebooks. On the children's bookshelf there are many classic books. 

KS1 parents 

Please find below 2 previous reading papers from the KS1 sats. They will give you an insight into the types of questions your children will be asked.

SAT papers_KS1_English_2004_Friends.pdf 

SAT papers_KS1_English_2003_Sunflowers.pdf