Lunch and Kitchen

Dear Parents, 

As you are aware, we will be trialling a packed lunch option from September, through our school dinner facility. Children will be able to choose a cooked dinner or packed lunch. The cost of a packed lunch, which will be available from a new sandwich bar, will be £2 or free for Reception and Year 1 and Year 2 children (under the new government initiative.)  There will be a choice of a sandwich/baguette/wrap with a filling selection of ham, cheese, tuna or egg plus a cookie/cake plus yogurt/cheese plus a piece of fruit/raisins. 

In the first instance, to enable us to manage the new packed lunch system, we will be asking parents to pre-order for their children.  There will only be enough packed lunches made for the children who have ordered them. Packed lunches must be ordered by Thursday for the following week, so that provisions can be sourced by the kitchen.

Extra packed lunch order slips will be available on-line or in the school letter holder in the office doorway.  We are hoping that the new initiative runs smoothly and are grateful for your support in this matter. 

Kind regards, 

Claire Lamb

Head teacher  


Please remember that school dinners need to be paid for before your child stays for dinner. Unfortunately, if there is not enough money in your child’s account, they will receive cheese and biscuits. If you are registered to receive e-mails, a low credit advice will be sent before your child’s account runs out of money. If you would like to pay on-line, please ask the office for your child’s dinner money account number. Balances can also be checked if you have the account number too!

To open and print the Redhill packed lunch order form please Click Here

To open the schools menu calender please Click Here