Accessibility Policy

Redhill Primary has adopted this accessibility plan in line with the school’s special educational needs policy with the aim of ensuring that our school is socially and academically inclusive, that all pupils have access to a full curriculum, and that all pupils are appropriately challenged. Our special educational needs policy outlines the school’s provision for supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), and the school’s publication of equality information and objectives explains how we ensure equal opportunities for all our students, increased access to the curriculum, physical access to the school and access to information particular to students with SEND. This accessibility plan provides an outline of how the school will manage this part of the SEND provision. Please refer to our special educational needs policy for an outline of our full provision to support pupils with SEND.   

Disability Equality Duty 

In 2005 the Disability Discrimination Act placed a Disability Equality Duty on all organisations and employers to ensure that disability equality was promoted and unlawful discrimination and harassment eliminated. Our Disability Equality Scheme is available on request. You will find our Statement of Intent relating to the duty, how we meet the demands of the DDA 2005, our ambition and our joint responsibility regarding its implementation within our Disability Equality Policy .Please ask via the office if you need further information regarding this.

Accessibility Policy.

Accessibility Plan