Behaviour Policy

Mission Statement  

To create a welcoming and safe learning environment in which everyone can be successful by developing a consistent approach across the school which all children know and understand. Thus creating an atmosphere where social, moral, spiritual and cultural values are learnt and developed. 

Aims of this policy  

We aim to support children as they develop into independent young people by providing opportunity and support for them to develop: 

  • Personal qualities, skills attitudes and values which enables individuals to think and act for themselves with due consideration of others.
  • A respect for other people’s ideas, beliefs, feelings and way of life (provided that way of life is based on consideration for others).
  • A high degree of responsibility, self- discipline, self- esteem and self- reliance.
  • The ability to develop and manage positive relationships with others.
  • An enterprising and persistent approach to tasks and challenges.
  • An understanding of moral issues.
  • A sense of fairness with respect to others.
  • A concern for the conservation of the natural world and for the physical, including built environment.
  • Commitment to promoting the well-being of the community.
  • Readiness to act on behalf of the legitimate interests of others who cannot effectively so act themselves.           
  • Therefore, our policy relates to the development of self- esteem, responsibility, relationships and respect.