Complaints Policy

Statement of policy about how complaints by parents and others will be dealt with. Note: This policy statement relates to complaints about the provision, facilities and services that the school provides with the exceptions detailed in Appendix One. 

What is a complaint? 

  • The school considers a complaint principally to be an expression of grievance or dissatisfaction received from or on behalf of a parent or member of the public regarding action taken by or on behalf of the school.
  • Failure by the school or its staff or contractors to respond to a reported problem.
  • The standard of service(s) provided or discrimination in their delivery.
  • The policies of the school.

How to make a complaint?

  • A parent or member of the public can make their complaint in the first instance either verbally or in writing to the Head teacher.  The school, if asked, will help anyone who would like assistance to set out their complaint including access to translation services where necessary. 

How are complaints dealt with?

It is hoped that the majority of complaints can be resolved informally either by raising them verbally, in person or on the telephone, or by putting them in writing, given or sent to the school, when they can be discussed there and then or at a mutually agreed time and a satisfactory explanation given or resolution speedily implemented.  Complaints that cannot be resolved informally will be dealt as follows an acknowledgement (or final response where possible) will be sent to the complainant within five school working days. The complainant will be told the name and telephone number of the person dealing with the complaint. A full response will be sent within twenty school working days, or if a complete answer still cannot be given, the complainant will be told what is being done to investigate the complaint and how long this will take. The complainant will be told if their complaint has to be dealt with under a separate procedure.

Redhill Primary School Complaints Policy 2017