Data Security Policy

Acceptable Use Agreement: Staff  Staff must sign this agreement digitally each time they log on. Failure to sign forces the computer to log the user off.   
Computer Viruses All files downloaded from the Internet, received via email or on removable media (e.g. CD, flash drive) must be checked for any viruses using school provided anti-virus software (Sophos) before using them. Never interfere with any anti-virus software installed on school ICT equipment that you use. Never remove school installed anti-virus from your computer – even to replace with your owned preferred software. If you suspect there may be a virus on any school ICT equipment, stop using the equipment and contact your ICT technicians immediately. They will advise you what actions to take and be responsible for advising others that need to know. Data & Device Security The accessing and appropriate use of staff and child data is something that the school takes very seriously.  

Data Security Policy.pdf

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