Relationship and Sex Education Policy

 All schools in England and Wales have a legal responsibility to provide a ‘sex education’ curriculum. They also have a responsibility to keep an up to date written statement of the policy they choose to adopt and this must be available to parents. Parents have a right to withdraw their children from ‘sex education’ lessons, which fall outside those aspects covered in the National Curriculum Science.  

Partnership with parents/carers 

Most of a pupil’s informal sex and relationships education occurs within the family and the school’s programme will complement and build on this in co-operation with families.  Parents/carers have the right to withdraw their child from some, or all, SRE lessons but not statutory science lessons. If a parent/carer wishes to withdraw their child they need to have a discussion with the Head teacher, so that he/she can be made aware of the reasons and provide alternative arrangements. All parents are made aware of our SRE programme and materials are readily available to view. 

Relationship and Sex education Policy.pdf