Billy Wright

  • Billy Wright was born on 6th February 1924 and died on the 3rd September 1994 aged 70
  • This fantastic footballer was born in Ironbridge
  • He made history when he was the first footballer ever to have 100 caps
  • Billy Wright signed a professional contract when he was only 17 years’ old
  • He had his debut when he was only 14 years’ old
  • This wonder of the world stayed at Wolves his whole life


 Mary Webb

  • Mary Webb was born 25th of March 1881 and died on the 8th of October 1997.
  • She was born in Lethington lodge Shrewsbury near the Wrekin.
  • Her father, George Edward Meredith was an oxford M.A and teacher. He became a great influence in her life.
  • She shared his love of literature and of the countryside.
  • The Celtic influence of her parentage was strong. Her father was proud of her welsh decent. Her mother, Sarah Alice Scott was from an Edinburgh family Reputedly connected


 Charles Darwin

  • Charles Darwin was born in the mount, Shrewsbury and was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist.
  • He was best known for the science of evolution.
  • Charles lived in 3 places: Downe Kent, London and Shrewsbury. Sadly, he died by Congestive heart failure. Also he worked as a writer.
  • He published his theory of evolution with evidence in 1859 the book was on the origin of species.


 William Brookes

  • William Brookes was known for the founder of the Wenlock games.
  • The Olympian class was set up in 1850.
  • The first ever Wenlock Olympian games was in 1850.