P.E Indoor portfolio 2017


In this unit children investigate movement, stillness and how to find and use space safely. They explore basic gymnastic actions on the floor and using apparatus. They copy and create, remember and repeat short movement phrases of ‘like’ linked actions, e.g. two jumps or two rolls. In gymnastics as a whole children use skills and abilities individually in combination and in sequence, with the aim of showing as much control and precision as possible.


Team Games

In this unit children develop basic game playing skills, in particular throwing and catching. They play games based on net games (like tennis and badminton) and games based on striking and fielding (rounds/cricket). They have an opportunity to play one against one, one against two and one against three.

In all games activities, children think about how to use skills, strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition.

  • Develop basic game playing skills
  • Improve team work and problem solving



In this unit children perform dances, focusing on creating, adapting and linking a range of dance actions. These are inspired by a variety of subjects, including some traditional, social and/or historical dances. They work with a partner and in small groups. In dance as a whole, children think about how to use movement to explore and communicate ideas and issues, and their own feelings and thoughts. As they work, they develop an awareness of the historical and cultural origins of difference dances.