Ofsted Report

Latest Ofsted Report

The school has been awarded the grade ‘Good’ overall but the inspectors highlighted many outstanding features including Behaviour and Safety being graded overall as ‘Outstanding’. 

Ofsted describe the standards at the school as above average and that the pupils currently in the school are making at least good and often outstanding progress in both English and Mathematics. The report acknowledged that pupils are achieving well as a result of effective teaching. 

Pupil’s behaviour in and out of the classroom is of the highest standard.  Inspectors commented on how the pupils showed great respect for each other and for their teachers. Pupil’s ability to work collaboratively in pairs and teams was described as impressive and outstanding.    

The report reflects the positive attitudes the children have towards their learning, describing pupil’s attitudes as exemplary as a result of the high expectations and good examples set by all staff.  The inspectors were impressed by the immense pride the pupils displayed in their school, their confidence and good spirit in celebrating each other’s achievements.  

The school was praised for the quality of information and support provided for parents. Parents commented on the excellent communication between home and school and level of care given to pupils.  

The school has a wide range of clubs and activities for pupils that include excellent opportunities for developing both artistic and sporting skills. 

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